6 Things to Know Before Buying Your Next Electric Lighter

by DuosDual
Buying Your Next Electric Lighter

The world is continuously and steadily advancing towards futuristic, eco-friendly, and sustainable alternatives to traditional products.

It is high time we shift our heavy dependence from natural resources and make the most of the substitutes available to us which are not only more technologically advanced, modern, and efficient but also contribute a great deal towards a world more sustainable and free of its dependence on fossil fuels.

The market is now filled with alternative options in simple tools which not only comply with the needs of the present generation but are also sustainable and energy saving. Many devices that we use in our day-to-day lives have changed, owing to the rethinking of technology.

One such alternative is the electric lighter. It is the future and the substitute of butane and fossil fuel-filled lighters.

However, we must admit that the word lighter inspires images of a conventional fire in our minds.

However, that’s not what the electric lighter does. As the name rightly depicts, it is run by electricity rather than mercury, as opposed to conventional lighters. More and more people are adopting them for their efficiency and longer lifespan.

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The 6 Things to Know Before Buying Your Next Electric Lighter

What do you need to know before you purchase your first/next electric lighter? Read on to find out:

1. It’s Inexpensive in The Long Run

The general, uninformed consensus about electric lighters is that it’s more expensive than traditional lighters. Yes, they are an investment at first but considering their lifespan, which is way longer than standard lighters, and their sturdiness, it’s an investment worth making. Traditional lighters are often made of cheap plastic which is highly prone to breakage, and eventually leakage. However, that’s not the case with electric lighters. They have a heavy duty body and last for a long while because they are safe from breakages.

2. They are Butane and Fossil Fuel Free

Are you aware of that odd smell that lighters give out when lit? That’s greenhouse gases being emitted due to the butane present in the lighter. These liquids are not only susceptible to leakage but also highly detrimental to the environment. Moreover, you have to buy one every time the fluid gets exhausted. Instead, when you shift to rechargeable lighters, you invest in something that is free of fossil fuels and is built to last longer than any traditional lighter.

3. They are A Lot Safer

When you carry a regular lighter, you’re bringing nothing but a plastic tube filled with highly flammable gas. Does that sound too safe to you? No, right? That’s because it’s not. They can break, spill, and cause a fire anywhere. They are especially highly detrimental to carry/use somewhere with a high density of vegetation around. Electric lighters, on the other hand, don’t run any such risks. They are even weatherproof, meaning that they aren’t interrupted by the wind. Some electric lighters are also made water-resistant so that you can light a fire even if it’s raining outside. These battery-operated lighters are safe to use even for children. So you can now give your child the lighter during camping or fishing without any worries of mishandling.



4.Simple USB Recharge

A lighter than can be recharged. Is there anything more efficient than that? Electric lighters can be quickly restored with a simple USB for a very short span of time and used for a way more extended period. This makes it very modern because in the present date, who has the time anyway, right? You can put it on charge a few minutes before you leave the house and you’ll be set for the day. No worries of buying a new lighter every time the butane gets exhausted,

5. They are Travel-Friendly

Thanks to the super sturdy built, comfortable and light-weight feature, and safety of the electric lighters, they can be carried anywhere without any worries of spillage or breakage. You might know that traditional lighters are not allowed during air travel due to their high flammability. That isn’t the case with electric lighters. They are a hundred percent safe to carry in your luggage. You don’t have to worry about your clothes smelling of butane or even an accidental fire. Moreover, this saves the cost of buying a new lighter every time you take a flight.

6. They Are Eco-Friendly

More than anything, these lighters are modern because they succeed in coping with the sustainability trend that has seized every item we use on a daily basis. You will be surprised to know that over 2 billion disposable, plastic lighters land up in landfills, contributing to the more significant issue of environment and plastic pollution.

Not only do they release those harmful gases but also eventually break up into smaller pieces of plastic due to their inability to be recycled. These bits of plastic then end up in the oceans, harming the water quality and marine life. Electric lighters last for long and are made of materials that can be recycled to be used again and don’t give out harmful gases when lit or disposed of.

It is high time that you think of the bigger picture and takes into consideration investing in an electric lighter the next time you buy a lighter. This will save you money in the long term, prove to be very practical and useful, and be a much more responsible and sustainable decision.

Buying Your Next Electric Lighter

Do your part to save the environment. In turn, you can ensure that you have it quick and easy when it comes to getting the lighter to light up your cigarette. Have you thought about buying your next electric lighter yet?


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