EditGrid Tutorial on Managing Spreadsheets from Your Workspace

by DuosDual

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to manage your spreadsheets from your workspace in EditGrid. From your workspace, you can delete your spreadsheet, edit tags, rename it, and more. To begin using this tutorial, you will need to login to your EditGrid account and go to your workspace.

How to Delete Spreadsheets in EditGrid

We will start with deleting spreadsheets. If there are spreadsheets that you no longer need or want, you can delete these. You will need to check the box next to the spreadsheet or spreadsheets that you want to delete. Once you have those selected, you will need to click the Delete button at the top of your workspace. A box will open and ask if you really want to delete it, click Yes.


How to Rename Spreadsheets in EditGrid

If you have spreadsheets that you need to rename, follow these steps. Click the box next to one of the spreadsheets that you want to rename. Once the box is checked, go to the top of your workspace and click the Actions button. When the menu opens, click the Rename option. A box will open and you can delete the name in the field and type the new name you want. Then click the Rename button to apply the new name to your spreadsheet. The box will close and you will see your changes.

How to Edit Tags in EditGrid

If you need to edit your tags for a spreadsheet, click the box next to the spreadsheet that you want to edit. Then click the Actions button and select Edit Tag in the menu. A box will open and in this box you will need to type your new tags. You can use more than one tag, but they must be separated by comas. When you are finished adding tags, you can click the Save button. The new tags will be added and the box will close.

update the information on EditGrid

How to Share Your Spreadsheets in EditGrid

You can share any spreadsheet that you have in EditGrid. You have many different options when it comes to sharing these spreadsheets. To see your options, click the box next to the spreadsheet that you want to share. Then click the Share button at the top of your workspace. When the menu expands, you will see all of your options for sharing the spreadsheet. Select one of the options and share it. You can also share the spreadsheet with different social networking sites.

How to Insert Comments into Cells in EditGrid

You can also insert comments into cells. When you insert a comment into a cell, you will see a red arrow in the top right corner of your cell. You can mouse over the arrow and you will see the comment pop up in a little yellow box. To insert a comment, click the cell that you want to insert it in. Then click Insert gt; Comment at the top of your spreadsheet. When the box opens, type your comment and click the OK button. You can then mouse over your cell to see your comment.

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