RCA Sport Neckband Review

by DuosDual
RCA Sport Neckband review

Although I am quite happy with the pair of headphones that I am using, a couple of Panasonic Stereo Headphones, a friend of mine let me borrow a pair of their headphones. After trying them out, I thought I would write a review of what I thought of them. The headphones are a pair of RCA Sport Neckband Headphones.

RCA Sport NeckbandThe first thing that I noticed about these headphones was that the cord didn’t look like the plastic cord you usually see on a pair of headphones but rather a cord-like what you would see on a boot for a shoelace. This was both intriguing and a little bit disappointing, while I assume that the cable is designed this way to look fresh and possibly for better protection, I, for one, like to have a volume control device on my headphones cord. Still, I had to give the design props because, as I said, the RCA Sport Neckband Headphones looked very cool.

My friend said that the headphones were very inexpensive, under fifteen dollars, and that they had been using them for quite a while and had not noticed any decrease in the quality of sound. I thought that their sound quality was excellent too. Although it is not my favorite design for headphones to have them with a behind-the-neck fitting, these ones were not uncomfortable and very lightweight.

When it comes to canceling out a sound, I don’t think that these are the best headphones, though. If someone is using them and has their music turned up, then everyone else in the room can hear the music, although not clearly, and that can be kind of annoying for surrounding people, plus bad for the person listening to such loud music. When the TV is on, you have the urge to turn the volume up of the music because the RCA Sport Neckband Headphones do not keep out other noises very well.

I would recommend these headphones to anyone who was looking for a pair of headphones that had the behind-the-neck fitting. If you don’t like that kind of accessory or are looking for a couple of headphones that you can use to keep other people from hearing your music, as well as you from hearing other things while you are listening to your music I wouldn’t recommend these and would suggest that you check out the review of the Panasonic headphones that is mentioned at the beginning of this article. All in all, I thought that the RCA Sport Neckband Headphones were great; they just were not for me.

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